A Lynchburgian Day Trip

The blizzard of ’09 struck on Sunday leaving us in the RVA with 10-11 inches of snow.  Literally, I think that is the most snow I have ever seen in my life – save skiing down the slopes.  And it was absolutely gorgeous!  Unfortunately, we lost power during the escapade, and were stuck in the […]

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The Art of Negotiation

Met with two photographers today – in the city, a place that I have surprisingly not frequented in a while.  It was strangely surreal to be driving in the city, parallel parking and going down one way streets.  Bizarre how quickly you can acclimate yourself to a new environment and forget what was once second […]

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I have never been the girly type – I find it very strange that I would be so excited about planning and organizing for the most feminine event of my life [besides childbirth].

But I need a place to store my ideas and as I have a very short term memory, I will at least be able to look back over the process and recall the lavish work that went into one day.  So, again…another blog simply for me.

I only get married once…